Eminence Care offers exclusive discounts on OPT Energy's air conditioning installations!

At Eminence Care, we are constantly exploring ways to improve our community's health and comfort. That's why we're delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with OPT Energy, which will provide substantial savings on air conditioning units to friends and family of our valued NDIS providers and participants.

Why Does This Collaboration Matter?

Air conditioning is more than a luxury; it is crucial for many people to remain at ease, especially in extreme temperatures. A comfortable living environment greatly impacts health and well-being. We offer substantial savings on air conditioning units to friends and family of our valued NDIS providers and participants.

What You Get with This Exclusive Offer

  • Discounted Installation Costs: Enjoy sdsavings on the installation of air conditioning units.
  • Top-Quality Service: OPT Energy is known for its exceptional service and expertise in energy solutions.
  • Energy-Effiient Options: Choose from a range of energy-efficient air conditioning units that can help reduce your energy bills.
  • Extended Support: Receive ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your air conditioning system runs smoothly.

How to Avail This Offer?

Check Your Eligibility

Reach Out to Eminence Care

Contact us to express your interest in the air conditioning installation discount.

Verify Eligibility

Ensure you are a friend or family member of our NDIS providers or participants.

Schedule a Consultation

OPT Energy will arrange a consultation to assess your needs and provide a personalized quote.

Enjoy Your New Air Conditioning

Once installed, enjoy the comfort of your new, energy-efficient air conditioning systems

Why Choose OPT Energy?

OPT Energy has a stellar reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable energy solutions. Their team of experts is dedicated to ensuring each installation meets the highest standards of performance and customer satisfaction. By choosing OPT Energy, you’re not only getting a great deal but also peace of mind knowing your air conditioning needs are in capable hands.

Enhance Your Comfort Today

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Contact Eminence Care today to learn more about this exclusive offer and start the process of upgrading your air conditioning system with OPT Energy